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Emerge Empowered with Ember Pilati

Dec 16, 2021

Everyone loves Santa Clause and the joy he brings at Christmastime.  What are the lessons we can learn from being Santa?  Landon Tooke is one of Santa's special helpers when Santa can't be in all the places he wants.  Today, Landon opens up with some tender stories and incredible lessons he has learned from being Santa....

Nov 24, 2021

Here are 10 situations where “thank You” may be more powerful than “I’m Sorry”

“Thank you” is used to express gratitude and appreciation for others. It’s a very powerful phrase that gives warmth to those around us. The amount of appreciation we express, and our ability to sincerely say “Thank You”...

Nov 18, 2021

Gratitude & Generosity... The Super G's

Tiffany Peterson, Sales & Success Coach introduces the Super G's- Gratitude and Generosity.  She beautifully highlights all the benefits that gratitude & generosity bring to our lives, how she has used these in her own life, and outlines practical ways that we can "practice"...

Nov 11, 2021

Thank You - Only two words, yet so powerful!  The best part? It takes 2 seconds of your time.  Thank you feels good to receive,  Thank you feels good to give.  Two simple words mean so much, isn’t that astounding? In this "Power Words" episode we explore how to use "Thank You" in a powerful way in your life.

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Nov 4, 2021

You know the power that gratitude holds, now learn how to make it more powerful by savoring those moments. Combining Gratitude and Savoring is powerful! Savoring helps you appreciate, intensify, and prolong the positive emotions of gratitude.

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